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Granite Bull nose

Is the bull nose standard edge or can i choose a different style?

Bull nose is a finish edge to the Beautiful Granite you are about to install on your kitchen or bathroom however deciding whether it should have standard, sophisticated, modern or hip style is up to you. here are the options you have:

Visit our photo gallery to view some of the granite counter tops bull nose finish and see which one you decide to choose for your project.

Back splash

I dont have a back splash will it make a difference with my new Counter tops?

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to jazz up your kitchen and increase the value of your property is with a kitchen back splash. Infinity Granite & More can do beautiful things with back splash installations of ceramic tile or Travertine.Adding a new back splash to your new Counter tops whether your cabinets remain the same or not will add a touch of glance that will bring out the appearance in your Kitchen.


I have Tile on my floors already but it does not match my new cabinets and counter tops?

We do professional flooring installations of all types including tile flooring for kitchen remodeling projects. A new floor can add considerable value and a fresh, sparkling appearance to your home. When Remodeling a part of your home a budget can be a struggle if you do not shop wisely. We can help you decide whether you would benefit from a new floor or if we can match your counter tops with your existing floors.

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